Our Network

Halo Headquarters has many divisions; websites that have partnered with us in order to grow. In turn, we are partnered with Gaming Headquarters which is a gaming organization created by us with similar goals. The mission at GHQ is to provide news and entertainment on all gaming platforms amongst various titles. What makes GHQ different is the fact that we engage controversial topics and free speech is valuated greatly there as it is here. You can checkout GHQ at the link below.

Website: officialgaminghq.wordpress.com
Facebook page: Facebook.com/officialgaminghq


Halo Headquarters is divided into three sections:
Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeGjt9tyb6wO8eaB0CIKVRw
Our Facebook page: Facebook.com/HaloHeadquarters
Our website: officialhalohq.wordpress.com

The Scholar

The Scholar is a Facebook page partnered with us that is dedicated to Halo lore which soon expanded into a website. The individuals managing the site have a vast amount of knowledge of the lore and want to spread it to others. And now that they have partnered with us, The Scholar is our source for in-depth lore. Yes, you heard right. These are people who will be writing about the vast Halo universe. You can find them at the links below.

Website: thehaloscholar.wordpress.com
Facebook page: Facebook.com/TheScholar101