Operation Resolution Week 1

On January 1st, 2017, Halo Headquarters, in an even further attempt to reunite Halo community, launched #OperationResolution. In a Facebook post on our page we detailed:


Below are the responses we received this week:

(Edit: This will be updated on Saturday, January 7th, 2017 to include screenshots of the conversations on days 3 and 4 from the page posts to here in this article.)

Day 1:

William Shayne Currington:

“Well… The only problem I have is basically criticism towards the story, and how it basically retconned allot of shit, like chiefs personality, Cortana being dead, and allot of other stuff that Brian Reed decided to change up like killing off Jul mdama and making humanity too fucking powerful, which to be fair, halo wars 2 is actually fixing. Such as introducing a new faction to the game, and following up where halo wars 1 left off.”

Michael Swales:

“Single Player Campaign:

Story wise, there is a ton of universe to choose from and many authors to commission, in an attempt to make “Halo 6”.
A jaw dropping, eye melting, heart moving storyline, with classic mechanics, should be considered. We all know the next game won’t sell 8 million copies. However, if done right ,maybe #7 could, and all of us diehards might even get to see the epic motion picture we’ve all been waiting for, worthy of the title Halo.

Halo is my universe,
-Declan Robertson:

“Focus more on story now that they have nailed the online for the most part that shouldn’t be a problem.
More development overall.See Halo 5 I dare say had good ideas, just very very poorly executed.”

From one of our own administrators:

Infected Jenkins:
“I’m only in it for the story’s aspects and will continue to review and criticize it in a constructive sense. I liked Halo 5’s story. We just didn’t get to see much of John, but I was happy that they allowed us to play from a different perspective, like in Halo 2. It was kind of how everybody hated playing the Arbiter’s missions when they first surfaced in 2004’s Halo 2.

I’d say we give it time, and come to appreciate Agent Locke as well as the Spartan IV’s WITH that time, regardless from the fact that John is stronger than them. (They were high ranking soldiers and ODST’s prior, just FYI.) Especially with Halo, you have to keep an open mind.

Don’t lie. You know damn well you skipped the Arbiter’s storyline in Halo 2 every chance you got, just so that you could play the mission, “Delta Halo” after “Metropolis”. We all did it back in the day. Lol (Not now, though. We love the Arbiter even more, now. But it was new. It was different, just like Agent Locke.)

(The only problem I had, was how they advertised Halo 5’s plotline prior to it’s release, and misled us to believe that something bigger was going on with John, when in reality, it was a totally different script, overall, when Halo 5 made it’s release. 343i needs to stop that.)”

Day 2.



Nathan Carson:

“If Halo 6 is the end of Cortana and chief I’d kinda expect the next line to almost have a repeat of halo’s back story (war between humans and Prometheans again)”

Admin Crimson:

“I’m expecting more of a “make your own character” sort of game. To be honest right now Halo needs another game like that. The last one that had that was Halo 4 with Spartan Ops. I miss that. Where YOU are the main character. But yes we need to see the Flood again.”

Day 3.


Question: Why not have graphics equivalent to the outstanding visual mods that we see in Skyrim?

See the responses and join the conversation here: https://www.facebook.com/HaloHeadquarters/photos/a.495241547168383.133143.467136649978873/1681228008569725/?type=3&theater

Day 4.


Question and content:

Serina is one of the most sarcastic A.I’s in the Halo universe. Throughout every Halo game and even in the expanded universe, every single character, including the aliens, had a personality. So why does Halo 5 back track John 117’s personality, potraying him as nothing but a stone cold machine? Halo fan William Shayne Currington said it best, “The only problem I have is basically criticism towards the story, and how it basically retconned a lot of shit like Chief’s personality.”

Comment below how you think 343 Industries should present the main characters and smaller roles in detail with timeframe they have.

See the several informative responses via this direct link: https://www.facebook.com/HaloHeadquarters/photos/a.495241547168383.133143.467136649978873/1681444951881364/?type=3&theater

Day 5:

Today on Day 5,

#OperationResolution will be cut back to one article per week, consisting of responses from the weekly Facebook post(s) detailing the weekly discussion(s). The reason being is due to the production company I work for changing up the work schedule. Keep in mind that Halo HQ will still be featuring fan ideas as well as constructive criticism posts like the following I’ve written for this week:

The feud between fans over John 117 vs Locke is purely vexatious. It’s the equivalent of Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Neither would continue to be here without the other. Locke’s supposed hunt kept John alive.


As my fellow administrator Infected Jenkins stated before, this pair of “foes” was treated in a much similar fashion such as that of the Arbiter ‘Thel Vadam in 2004’s Halo 2. I think if the missions were split evenly between John and Locke, fans might’ve enjoyed it more and come to accept Locke into the Halo universe.

Yes, I admit, I too joined in on the hype when Halo 5 was first being advertised with #HuntTheTruth. But never truly despised Spartan Locke. Now if only they gave his character more depth, gone forward with the Hunt The Truth campaign, and at same time brought back Cortana through flashbacks… Nevertheless, Halo 6 awaits to redeem the franchise’s main plotline.

As for the responses on day 4 of this operation, I had stated that it is true that there were talks among the developer of retconning Halo 5. Though it is not certain whether or not this idea may be entertained in the future, this goes to show 343 Industries feeling the same way we do about it all and our beloved franchise. Our own fictional universe.

And with that we’ve also launched #StopTheHate. Its a new year and its time to see things from a new perspective. Let’s stop directing hate towards anyone and start accepting the now and work towards improving the future-present.

Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Comment below or message our Facebook page. Thanks for joining in on #OperationResolution. See you next week.

P.S. All of us at Halo HQ would like to thank everyone who support us and participate in the discussions.


One thought on “Operation Resolution Week 1

  1. I see me!

    Love how you left links for some days. Did we talk too much? XD (directed to admin heather 117)

    Keep up the good work, its nice to see all the page does for halo as a whole

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