Fan-made Halo game for PC Revives Halo’s Classic Days

Like the saying goes: If you want something done right, do it yourself.


A new fan-made Halo game is making the rounds in the Halo community this week. Its called “Installation 01” and promises to bring back the good ol’ days of our beloved Halo on PC; all the while making it their goal to bring both sides of the community together. The feel is classic, welcoming veteran fans but also includes options to integrate sprint and other Spartan abilities via custom games – thus catering to the new generation of fans as well. To hear from the creators themselves, watch the eight minute ViDoc below.

Obviously, there is no reason as to why we should heavily compare this brilliant looking fan-made game to the real deal as this group of fans are only using the tools made available to them. However, I should note that this fan made game seems to be far more promising than what 343 Industries has given us so far.


The fans developing “Installation 01” have stated:

“Our Goal is to bring a unique Halo multiplayer experience to Windows, Mac, and Linux. We hope to combine the best elements from each Halo game, but will be focusing on the more classic gameplay style.”

So here’s the debate: What do you think of their approach? 343i strives for brand new while the fans blend classic and new features together. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Which approach do you prefer? How do you feel about “Installation 01”? And will it live up to Halo’s legacy?



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