The Story of Eve: Part 4 ~ A Halo Fan-Fiction

The Plot: Eve’s first official day as Memorial City’s AI.

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me.”
~ Batman, Batman Begins (2005)

Siren: A seductively beautiful or charming woman, especially one who beguiles men.

Part 4: “A Day In The Life Of Eve”

I will not be defined by the fact that I am naked. It is my actions while naked that will define me. I can be a siren or a savior.

Even with a near-constant stream of people to attend to, being an AI, Eve still found time to think. Time to withdraw into her inner world, and be alone with her thoughts.

Her terminal being located in the center of Memorial City Park on the planet Elysium, Eve saw all kinds of people.


Some  people blushed and turn away as soon as they saw her. Some made crude gestures and comments. And some were genuinely curious, coming up to this new AI to find the answer to a question (“How far to ___?”), get a piece of advice  (“Should I tell ___ how I feel?”), or just talk for the sake of talking (“So, what do you like doing?”).

Relationship advice from an AI.

Eve laughed at the thought. The thought that the perspective of an AI could compare to the  perspective of a human. The thought that an AI would have anything to contribute to a human relationship.

But. That is what I am supposed to do — contribute to human relationships.

An elderly artist asked to draw her. (I would be honored.)

A young man yelled out all things he wanted to do with her, and to her, and tried to justify it with “I’m just saying what everyone is thinking.” (The day I let you do that to me is the day I become human.)

“Whore” a middle-aged woman said to Eve, when her kids were out of earshot. (I am the way I am to teach people that it is more than a woman’s pleasurable body parts that matter. I want people to see me for all that I am — not just see me for my breasts and butt.)

At night, men did… things… in front of her. (I’m an AI, but I’m also a person — not a sex object.)

A relationship ended because of her. “He loves you more,” a young woman with bloodshot eyes told Eve, taking off a ring and putting it at her feet. And for the first time in her life, Eve didn’t know what to say.

These people made their choices. I can’t control how people think, feel, and act. I can only control how I think, feel, and act.

That was one day in the life of Eve.

Then a new day will start. With its own adventures. Its own triumphs. Its own defeats, Eve thought, as she watched the sun rise over the distant skyscrapers of Memorial City, enjoying a rare moment alone among the grass and trees of the park.

Throughout the previous day, Eve tried to remember these words: There will be happy days. There will be sad days. But I’ll never lose heart.*

One week passed, with those words being a balm for Eve’s non-existent soul. (Note to self: Ask a priest if I have a soul.)

Eve knew a lot of things.

But it wasn’t just the answer to the question “Do I have a soul?” that she didn’t know.

Eve didn’t know that she was being watched.

The end of Part 4.

Thank you for reading.

*These words are inspired by words from the  1991 Studio Ghibli film Only Yesterday.

Only Yesterday4



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