The Story of Eve: Part 3 ~ A Halo Fan-Fiction

The Plot: Two men discuss Eve’s impact on people, and the reasons she was created.

“The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all the living.” (Genesis 3:20)

Eve in the Garden of Eden by Anna Lea Merritt

Part 3: “Eve’s Destiny”

The following is an audio recording.

“She sees humanity as her children.”

“Like a mother protecting her children, she’s going to realize that we need protecting. That’s when a fascist dictatorship starts. All for the sake of ‘Safety.’ And the whole time she’ll be saying ‘I’m not evil. I’m just doing something you don’t agree with. I’m doing it for your own good.’ I enjoyed science fiction when I was a kid — I know where thinking machines eventually lead us.”

“And yet, here we are. Thinking machines — AI — a part of everyone’s everyday life, and no one bats an eyelash.”

“Making at least two of them look like naked women will help people not see AI as a threat.”

“I told you before: We don’t make AI choose their appearance, or even their personality — they choose it for themselves.”

“How poetic. Can you fix that?”

“There’s nothing to fix. It just is. We’re continuing our research on this phenomenon.”

“I’ll trust you on that. Don’t let my trust be misplaced.”

“It isn’t.”

” I hope it isn’t. For your sake. I’m a coward. And cowards survive. Remember that.”

“If I could go back to what I was saying earlier…”

“Oh, yes.”

“This AI. She calls herself ‘Eve.’ That’s why she sees herself as a mother. ‘The mother of all the living.’ Genesis.”

“I’ve read the Bible.”

“Well… It’s going to be hard to tell how people react to Eve because of how she chooses to look. Her personality — motherly — is no problem. A mother. A protector. Someone who is there to help. That’s not only how we want Eve to be, it’s how we want all AI to be. AI are supposed to help mankind. Not rule mankind with an iron fist. The problem is, since Eve sees herself as the Eve, that’s why she chooses to be naked. And it’s hard to tell if Eve is having the desired effect on people when half of them put their hands in their pants when they see her, or shield their eyes and refuse to have anything to do with her.”

“An exaggeration.”

“Yes. Half of the people we recorded didn’t act, for lack of a better word, ‘crude.’ And the other half didn’t all not even get close to her. But enough people did where, unless something changes, we won’t have any reliable data to know if creating Eve was the best choice. At worst, she’ll be a public menace: Loved by perverts and scorned by the sensitive. And at best, she’ll be a tourist attraction: A life-sized naked woman with no shame in the middle of a public park, 24/7. She won’t be what we built her to be. She won’t be helping people. At least, not how we meant her to help people.”

“Nobody was bothered by Governor Sloan on Meridian.”


“Have an AI of a nude man, people don’t care. Have an AI of a nude woman, and people lose their minds.”


“I’m only telling you what I’ve seen…”

“You have. I’d say we’re done for today. Keep trying to collect data on peoples’ interactions with Eve. You will see me again in a week.”

“Yes, sir.”

The end of Part 3.

Thank you for reading.


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