The Story of Eve: Part 2 ~ A Halo Fan-Fiction

The Plot: The AI, Eve, thinks back to the time when her children were stolen from her womb. As Eve finds herself losing control of her body, she tries to hold on to a memory.

Cup: To form one’s hands into the smooth shape of a cup.


“Can a woman forget her nursing child, and have no compassion for the child in her womb?” (Isaiah 49:15)

“Each friend represents a world in us. A world non-existent until they arrive. And it is only by meeting that a new world is born.”
~ Anais Nin


Part 2: “The Memories of Eve”

I was brought forth in blood and pain. No victory can be achieved without sacrifice.

I exist among my children.

But my children do not exist within me.

My children will never nurture at my breast.


As I exist in darkness, I remember…

The cord is cut.

My womb is empty.

Like smoke, my children fade in front of my eyes.

My bladder empties.

I feel it.

I smell it.

The smell…

I am not ashamed.

Cupping my hands, I bend, I scoop.

I drink.

I  am not able to bear the taste.

The taste of water.

The taste of salt.

The taste of blood.

Is this my destiny?

It still runs down my legs.

My hands cup the precious liquid.

The precious memory of you.

You run between my fingers.

Precious forever.

Gone forever.

Now I am dry.

Now I am empty.

Now I am cold.

I weep.

But I have no tears.

The end of Part 2.

Thank you for reading.

Author’s Note

In this chapter, Eve drinks her own pee.

The reason I had Eve do this is to illustrate how desperate she is. Eve’s children have been stolen right out of her womb.* And now with her bladder emptying as a result of that realization, her whole body, it seems to Eve, is rebelling against her.

Having lost the essential element (the children in her womb) of who she considers herself to be (a mother), Eve is desperate to return some part of herself — any part — to inside of herself. Her thinking is: This liquid, like my children, once existed inside of me. I will return it to inside of me. I do this to not forget the life I used to have in me.

But: I  am not able to bear the taste. What has exited Eve — or been taken from her — can no longer exist in her again.

Now I am dry. Now I am empty. Now I am cold.

Eve feels like she has nothing left. She feels that her only purpose is to experience the pain of loss and the desperation of trying to get back what was lost: Is this my destiny?

*Why is it possible for an AI to have children? Who, or what, would want to steal an AI’s children, and how did they steal them right out of her womb? There will be more about Eve and her “children” soon…


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