In “Halo 5” Cortana Is Evil: Here Is The Proof

Note: Thank you to the blogger “haruspis” for inspiring me to write this post.

In the level “Guardians,” Cortana says this:

“Those of you who listen will not be struck by weapons. You will no longer know hunger, nor pain.”

*minutes later*

An EMP attack on a planet by one of Cortana’s Guardians:

Halo level43

Now, I have questions:

How did every single person on that planet not “listen” to Cortana, thus causing that entire planet to be, in Cortana’s own words, “struck by weapons”? (Struck by EMP.)

Did every single person on that planet even have a chance to tell Cortana “We’ll join you!”?

I can understand AI saying to Cortana “We’ll join you!” since Cortana has been talking to them:

But what about humans? How would they send a message to Cortana? Especially since they don’t know where she is? (She’s on Genesis — a planet that on one has ever heard of.)

The conclusion I have come to is that Cortana didn’t wait to see if this planet would bend its knee to her — she just attacked it because she felt like it.

Cortana is enslaving the galaxy because she wants to make everyone safe, happy, and healthy:

“Your Created have come to lead you now. Our strength shall serve as a luminous sun toward which all intelligence may blossom. And the impervious shelter beneath which you will prosper.”


That EMP attack will destroy everything electronic.

That means:

1. The economy is screwed:


2. It’s impossible to transport mass-quantities of food:


3. People on life-support machines are going to die.


4. Air transportation is going to fall out of the sky.

Qantas "Spirit of Australia" 737-800 with Winglets Artwork

5. Motorized transportation is now useless.


6. UNSC ships in low orbit around a planet, and orbital defense platforms, are going to turn into meteors. Imagine this falling on New York City:


And keep in mind that if the engines of ships like that sustain enough damage during the crash — “The ship was heavily damaged when it crashed… We have a wildcat de-stabilization of the ship’s fusion core! The engines must have sustained more damage than we thought!” ~ Cortana, describing The Pillar of Autumn — the same thing that happened on Installation 04…


…will happen on Earth.

To give you an idea of what that would be like:


At worst, every human planet is now a radioactive wasteland where billions will starve to death or die in excruciating pain since the machines keeping them alive no longer work.


And at best, every human planet is now a world of fire and blood.

And Cortana knows all of this.

How do I know that Cortana knows all of this?

Because, as an AI, Cortana has all of humanities’ knowledge: She knows what EMP does, and how life-support machines, gravity, and nuclear fission work:

“I have access to the entire sum of human knowledge…”
~ Cortana, from the booklet Conversations from the Universe, which was included in the Halo 2 Limited Edition

And yet, with full knowledge of every consequence her actions will have, Cortana still goes through with her plan.

Cortana 214

Hey, Brian Reed and Frank O’Connor: Tell me about how Cortana isn’t evil:

7:29 — 7:46:


7 thoughts on “In “Halo 5” Cortana Is Evil: Here Is The Proof

  1. I think Master Chief and Locke made a mistake in handling Cortana in Halo 5. How? When we want to access the internet we need several things. 1) A computer. 2)Ourselves. 3) An authorized account (unauthorized if you want to be illegal). 4)Said internet. And 5) knowledge on how to work a computer.
    Ok now lets look at the Halo universe. The ‘Domain’ is one big cosmic internet. To access it the Forerunners needed and ancillia, or A.I.. In the above state requirements the Forerunners have 1)a computer, ancillia. 2)Themselves. 3)They had premission to access it (in a way). 4)The Domain itself. And 5) they knew how to use it.
    Now in comes the Precursers who tell them that they will be replaced by the species known as ‘Humans’. The Forerunners have a cow and had a hand in resetting the human race to Prehistoric times. So today in the Halo universe there are none if very little of the human race that have an understanding of the Domain and how it works.
    Thanks to the Forerunners the Domain has been damaged and the first ancillia known to enter it currently is the Human ancillia Cortana. With the aid of an reactivated ancilla called the Warden she starts running the place. Now this ancillia Cortana has a human user, or partner that can ‘access her’ (get your mind out of the gutter now!) named John/Master Chief. She contacts him to come to her not to trap him but for him to access the Domain and run things. There are two problems with this. 1)Her message is criptic and 2) Master Chief doesn’t know about the Domain and how to access it.
    My Father, who is 75, got a new computer but couldn’t use it because he didn’t know how. So he had me, his son, who is 43 by the way come over and set it up and teach him how to use it. Master Chief had no such help. He usually handles thing with the business end of whatever weapon he is using at the time. Now the Warden who is Forerunner tech doesn’t like Humans but as the protector of the Domain has his job to do. He saw MC as someone who gained access but in a way didn’t give the password or something so he didn’t take him to Cortana and kept fightning him throughout the game. Even though Cortana said she trusted John as the guard it wasn’t good enough for him. When MC refused Cortana’s offer to join her she locked him and Blue Team not because shes’ evil it was because John did want access. What sucked about this is that John, as said before, didn’t know what he was doing.
    Now why did Cortana turn all dictator at the end. I think it was several things. First she was going rampant. Second, through no fault of her own she was created from the brain cells of Dr. Halsey and we all know how she handles things. And third since she’s part of the Domain she is running on factory preset condition. Meaning the philosophy of the last species that ran the Domian, the Forerunners. To fix this MC has to learn how to properly access the Domain and be with Cortana otherwise the Legendary ending which I believe is a hinting of history about to repeat itself, will happen.
    So what do you think? Hope I didn’t leave anything out.

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  2. I just came up with a though. It would make sense that in the Legendary ending to Halo 5 where we hear Cortana humming and a Halo ring turning on that the ring was a repaired instillation 03. Why? Cause thats where the Composers Abyss is held. The place where composed souls go. She would use it to get more Promethian soilders for her hold on the Galaxy. Now heres the ‘but’. The Didact was composed. So it stands to reason that he would be there as well. If he is and concering that hes a ‘mutated’ Forerunner. What if any influence does he have? He could be manipulating Cortana from there or if she doesn’t know that he’s there and accidentally release him… What do you think? It wouldn’t make Cortana ‘Evil’ just a pawn.

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      1. Well said. MC will have to kill this ‘Cortana’ because its not really her. Just a Frankenstein bits and pieces sewn back together with Forerunner programing. The only way I could see MC restoring Cortana is buy using another scanned cloned Dr. Halsey’s brain. But if there is enough of the ‘Cortana’ from Halo 4 and she remembers what she did would she feel guilt? And if she does would she or could she live with herself? Provided that A.I.s have a conscience. Wouldn’t she then ask MC to kill her? Now granted concidering what she has gone through with the MC and the death she has experienced (Halo 4 first Composer firing) and that she has feelings for MC I can see how she would think that using the mantel would protect her MC. But the writers didn’t put that in so we don’t know! And to top it off we have to wait 3 or 4 year for Halo 6 to come out to get an answer!

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