Look Into Your Heart

What has she become?

Cortana 128

What was once draped in innocence is now the bane of John-117’s existence.


To illustrate my main point in a more straight forward and concise manner, below is a scene from Miller’s Crossing:

(I am unable to find a quality version of the scene so here’s how it plays out)

Bernie: “Look into your heart!” He stammered hysterically.

Tom: “What heart?” Tom replies as he cocks the pistol.


Tom shoots Bernie


You must be wondering what that specific scene from Miller’s Crossing has to do with Halo. Here’s why: Like Tom, Cortana is disappointed and frustrated with what’s going on in her life. And being treated as nothing but a machine doesn’t help one bit.

Cortana or whatever we saw of “her” in Halo 5 has the entire universe in the palm of her hand. But does she have the heart to destroy it? To destroy humanity and all of the world’s lifeforms? Although, I’ve now been able to accept the fact that it may be the true Cortana in Halo 5, I don’t believe she’d willingly destroy life. After all, she has never wanted to be looked upon as a cold, heartless machine.


Tom did it because Bernie betrayed him. But that was one person, not an entire species. Does Cortana feel that humanity has betrayed her? In a way, yes. Very few saw her as something more. It was only John, Thomas Lasky, and others who’s names I don’t remember at the moment. Her own creator even distrusts her. With that being said, Cortana is not evil. She’s doing what she believes is right. However, I think she went a little over board with that notion because she’s being manipulated. Manipulated by who? There are several possibilities but it’s been narrowed down by fans to be either the Didact (possibly still alive) or 343 guilty spark.

Or is it simply another one of 343’s marketing techniques? Framing her as the enemy to rake in the cash. Or is there another plot twist awaiting us?

Yes, you may have heard about this month’s ago. But did anyone truly give a detailed analysis of said theory? No. Of course not. And it’s all due to the great deal of hoopla and uproar caused by 343’s propaganda of Cortana being the “villain” in Halo 5. They did it to bring more attention to the series.

“I’m a thief…but I keep what I steal.”
— Cortana — Halo 3

Until Halo 6 officially releases I refuse to believe 343 has purposely made Cortana evil for the sake of money. I still have hope for them as much as they’ve made me and many of my friends and colleagues feel like dogs.


Cortana, regardless of where the story goes from this point forward, will always be as I have said before the intellectual, inspiring, love of humanity and protector of Earth and of all her colonies.


And her innocence shall forever be preserved in the hearts and in the minds of the Halo community. ❤


“Don’t let her go. Don’t ever let her go.”
-Stg. Johnson



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