Where do we go from here?

I feel like I’m falling into an abyss…but I refuse to give up on fighting…


Please note: This is my personal opinion and is not meant to bash anyone. There is no need to take offense. I simply would like a dignified discussion and to get these thoughts off of my chest. Without further ado, here are some of things that have been crowding my mind.

Halo has come a long way. But with mixed reviews about Halo 5, suspicious are aroused regarding where the story goes with Halo 6. Will Cortana light a Halo ring? I think not but anything is possible so I won’t rule that out. Or will Cortana sacrifice herself to safe humanity? Many say the Cortana we have now is a fragment of her original self (now “dead”) turned evil and for no logically explained reason whatsoever.
I say Cortana is “dead” with quotations considering the fact that this is science fiction and anything could happen. Logic doesn’t rule here and the original could still be out there. It is in my opinion that the original Cortana is still out there awaiting to be found. First, however, I would like to go over the main event and controversy in Halo 5.

“Where do we go? What am I supposed to think? How am supposed to react? And why is my heart so heavily filled with grief and desperation?”

Those are the questions constantly swirling around in my head. How did 343 expect me to react to this awful, disgraceful marketing decision? When it first struck me I was immediately angered and detached myself from what I held so dear and near to me. But once that reaction cooled down, I began to delve deeper into my thoughts about the future of Halo… For the past seven months, I’ve been left to ponder what hope, if any, there was left for Halo 6 and future Halo games. After finally composing myself, I aimed to express and take a more logical approach as well as give a less provocative response to the matter.

343 Industries did their best in trying to give us what we wanted. Hell they even went through the trouble to give us “Memories of Reach”. But I strongly feel, along with many others, that they have so much more, tons and tons of potential to go beyond what they have achieved already. Halo 4’s campaign was beautify done. The story flowed so smoothly and the events connected to each other seamlessly. Then Halo 5 came along, and wreaked havoc upon what was so perfectly built up in Halo 4. The reason for this? Marketing. It still burns inside of me to say the least to even think of them making the decision. Where’s the enthusiasm, dammit. What happened? How could they have the heart to do it? It then struck me, was it money that turned the tables? However, if what 343 wanted was simply money, I think they would’ve made more if had not have gone in this direction.

As an old, very close friend of mine once said to me:

“Don’t ever let greed rule your heart. And more importantly, don’t ever let it contribute to much less lead you into making a decision, either.”

Someone made this image recently:

And I personally agree with them.

343 leaves a lot to be desired… I will admit, however, they’ve done well so far. But the last minute improvising and giving us, the fans, no solid explanation or back story whatsoever as to why Cortana is “evil” is utterly disappointing. Cortana has an undying love for mankind and all types of life. So why would she suddenly turn against what she has always protected and cradled with such care? The way Cortana interacts with Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is without a doubt the best example of her attitude, her personality, her curious and kind mentality towards life. She loved him and looked after him with such delicacy. She never even dared to take advantage of his trust in her either. And now all of sudden, now that she’s literally holding not only the world in her hands but the entire universe, the tables have been turned.

It doesn’t make any sense other than assuming what we see of “her” now is nothing but a broken fragment overwhelmed with great power.


Moreover, I honestly do hope 343 goes into the right direction with Halo 6. Instead of a boss fight with John and the “evil” fragment of Cortana, let’s instead have a dignified sendoff to one of the most beloved characters in the Halo series. If 343 wants to end Chief and Cortana’s story this abruptly, then so be it as much as I beg to differ. Let’s say the original Cortana be found by John, then they attempt to stop the “evil ” fragment from destroying the entire universe. The original Cortana merges with the fragment and sacrifices herself to yet again save humanity but most importantly John-117. However, a plot twist ensues, we find the original Cortana still alive leaving John to bring her to Halsey to be repaired. But then Halsey, rather than fix Cortana, aims to destroy her creation. John finds this out fairly quickly and takes Cortana back from Halsey. Cortana then dies in John’s arms after the rampancy finally takes hold of her. BUT she is then found later to be turned into human form by the librarian!!! John then goes AWOL once again from the UNSC along with Cortana and they spend the rest of their lives together in peace. Locke sees them depart but let’s them go, understanding how they feel and that they shouldn’t be forced to continue to serve after all the events that have occurred. The trauma has already taken a huge toll on their lives and Locke couldn’t even remotely fathom what it may be like. To know how it actually feels to be broken both psychically and mentally…


…Or John knocks Locke out with one punch and sneaks away in the night.

For your entertainment and where this screenshot came from:

Jokes aside, the possibilities are endless. Regardless, Cortana, to me, will forever and always be John-117’s companion, humanity’s love, and the essence of what a true individual is capable of. She demonstrated that A.I.’s are not simply mere machines. She showed us there truly is more behind what we think of someone and how delicate life really is.

In conclusion, thanks to Bungie for introducing us into this astounding universe and creating the Halo community leaving both filled with an infinite amount of lore and love. And cheers to 343 Industries for their efforts to keep Halo alive. Here’s to hoping Halo 6 straightens things out. Also, I suggest that they mix old and new tactics to please old school fans as well as the new fans.

I shall write another one of these this weekend. As always thanks for reading. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. Heres a thought. What if Cortana is doing what shes doing in Halo 5 not because shes evil but because when she was being stiched back together she realized that the race that built the Domain, (the Precursors) are REALLY powerful, pissed off and are returning to the Milky Way after several hundred thousand years to reclaim what the forerunners took from them. She calculates that at current the races here do not stand a chance and would be anihilated. The Precursors have tasked her with preparing the galaxy for there arrival. She wants to warn humanity but can’t do it directly cause they would be watching and would launch there invasion sooner before everyone is ready to resist. This would be supported by her weird conversation with Master Chief. How she keeps saying “I’ll tell you when we’re face to face” when he asks her to explain herself. And why she puts up with the Warden so much cause he works for the Precursors. She then locks Master Chief up cause 1 she wants to protect him until the battle and 2 she has feelings for him. It is also possible that inside the Cryptum she devulged whats going on without the fear of being watched. When she appears on the Infinty at first she was all serious then when she gave them that message about the Mantel she looked all happy-happy. Finally in the Legandary ending where she turns on a Halo, thats where the Precursors will enter and she will use it against them.


  2. i loved your blog but you need to understand that halo 5 is , in most part a MS to blame, they’ve rushed the development…and 343 was kinda forced to do such changes, i dont know if the original plan could have been great as halo 4, but that we will never know.


    1. I understand quite well that Microsoft is the major party to blame. However, 343i had and still have the power to tell them off. I know companies don’t fancy sticking their necks out on decisions but this was one that they could’ve made better. In my time working with 343 as an intern, I see their writing process treated as one of the most lousy parts of game development. The first couple of drafts I read for the first script weren’t much better than what we have now. In all honesty, the fans should be the ones writing the story considering 343i and Microsoft continue to buckle under the pressure of marketing. But hey, that’s life. Hopefully Halo 6 will be better. My apologies for the late reply.


  3. I would love to see a happy ending between the Chief and Cortana, regardless of how it is achieved.
    For better or worse, 343 needs to realize that a lot of fans don’t love Halo just for the MP, but also for Halo’s universe and the memorable characters that live in it. Good read 🙂

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