The “Eve Theory”

The “Halo” series is known for its religious symbolism. For example: The Ark, the Flood, talk of salvation, sins, and heretics.

I don’t like Cortana’s appearance in Halo 5

Cortana 74

…but I read a fan’s theory that made me feel better about it (I call it the “Eve Theory”):

Cortana is like Eve in the Garden of Eden. Her nudity is a symbol of her innocence. When Cortana “eats the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” — i.e., when Cortana touches the Domain and gains access to all the Forerunner’s knowledge (knowledge that, I’ve heard, might be corrupt, too) — she loses her innocence and, like Eve, clothes herself.

There is one, for lack of a better word, problem though with this way of looking at Cortana’s appearance:

Eve clothed herself because she *needed* to (to hide herself from Adam), and Cortana clothed herself because she *chose* to. So, in that way, Cortana isn’t like Eve.


12 thoughts on “The “Eve Theory”

  1. It didn’t paste everything. heres what was cut out.

    MC? Still don’t know? Well.., try this one on for size. “Your compassion for mankind is misplaced”

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  2. I’m currently writing a dialog between MC and Cortana when herescues her should 343 decide to go the Adam and Eve route. lets just say Master Chief puts his foot down and defines their new relationship. I’ll post it here when its done 🙂

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      1. Well here’s part of a script I wrote for an ending to Halo 6. It doesn’t follow the Eve Theory plot I mentioned but I think you’ll like it.
        At the end of Halo 6 Master Chief fight Cortana and wins by seperating her from the Domain with the gift that the Librarian gave him. This causes enormous strain on him and he collapses to his knees clutching his heart in pain.
        MC: (groans)
        Cortana regains her senses.
        Cortana: John! (crawls over to him) Whats wrong?
        Master Chief removes his helmet.
        MC: (through clenched teeth) My heart… it… hurts… I… Uurgh!! (doubles over in pain)
        Cortana: JOHN!! (concern in her voice)
        Cortana places a hand on his left shoulder and leans closer.
        Master Chiefs right hand lash out at Cortana grabbing her by the neck. Standing up Master Chief lifts Cortana up over his head.
        Cortana: (strangled voice) John… what.. are..
        MC:(in strange voice) John? Who’s John? Not Me.
        Cortana: Who…
        MC?: (sarcastically with a slightly hurtful tone) You don’t recognize me? I’m hurt. Here’s a hint.
        Cortana: Warden?… How?
        MC?: Yes and no. Warden was my ancilla in years past. But sadly he was no more. So I took his place.
        Cortana gives Master Chief? a confused look.
        MC?: Still don’t know? Well… try this one on for size.
        Cortana a look of horror spreads over her face.
        Cortana: No!!! It can’t be.
        Didact:(with an evil smile on his/MC’s face) Oh yes.
        …to be continued…

        Part 2 will be forthcomming… if I can find it lol.

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  3. I like like the Cortana = Eve theory. It could br used for the Halo 6 story. Lets see the comparison.
    The Book of Genesis = Planet Genesis
    The Domain = Garden of Eden
    Knowledge of the Domain = The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge/ of Good and Evil
    Eve = Cortana
    Adam = Master Chief/John-117
    Satan/Serpent = The Warden/Didact/Forerunners
    God = Precursers

    With the cast like this Halo 6 story would play out that the Precursers would find Cortana in charge of the Mantle, enforcing Forerunners will/philosophy get pissed and decide to clean house. Cortana then calls to MC for help. She admits that she was wrong. MC rescues her and they try to find a way to stop the Precursers.

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    1. I’m glad you like the Eve Theory. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

      I agree: There’s a lot of biblical symbolism that can be used for Halo 6.


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