The Plan: A Halo 6 fan-fic told through music and pictures

Note: This is Part 1 of a sequel to my Halo 5 fan-fic, Darkness.

The Plan: Part 1

Chapter 1: The Guardian.

What is happening: On the morning of his departure to investigate the “anomaly” found by ONI in deep space, Detective Locke finds that leaving the planet will be harder than he thought.


Chapter 2: Alive.

What is happening: Suspended in a state between life and death — having not, in fact, died from rampancy after her experience on the Didact’s ship The Mantle’s Approach — Cortana thinks back on the life she has lived and what the Liberian’s plan could mean for her future.

Cortana 28

Chapter 3: Purpose

What is happening: His journey having come to an end at last, Master Chief learns, from an awoken Guardian, the full extent of the Librarian’s plan for humanity.



To be continued.




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