Halo 5: An Alternative Story

Before I start:

If I had to pick one piece of music to convey how it feels to be a Halo fan nowadays, this is the piece I’d pick (I don’t know why):


The general consensus seems to be that Halo 5’s story wasn’t good.

But what if it was?

Below is a “trailer” for what I, personally, see as a better Halo 5 story.

(Note: The purpose of the YouTube videos is to convey a tone.)

A man searching for a purpose.

“She said that to me once — about being a machine.”

A man hunting the truth.

“I’m going to end this. Whatever it takes.”

A species that continues in its ways despite having come so close to extinction.

Halo Reach5

When will they learn?

A hero gone, but not forgotten.

“…I’ll never actually know if it looks real. If it feels real.”


The storm has passed…

“You did it. Just like you always do.”

Halo Composer

…but at what cost?

Halo 4 Ending2

I fear for the future:

There has been an awakening.

Halo 5 Guardian

Have you felt it?

“It is the destiny of your species.”


Thank you for reading and listening.


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