Cortana the Therapist: Episode 19

Tim and Life After Halo

Tim: “Hello, Cortana. It’s been a while since our last talk.”

Cortana: “Indeed.”

Tim: “I see you’re still using candles to light your office.”

Cortana: “Yes. City engineers have been working day and night for months. Whatever that Guardian did, it sent us back to the Stone Age.”

Tim: “Good news is that the streets aren’t as dangerous as they use to be. The police, with some help from the planetary militia, finally got reorganized. On another note: Have you had any word from that copy of you? You one behind all this?”

Cortana: “None yet. But, I still hope that she’ll see the error of her ways.”

Tim: “Aren’t you afraid she’ll find you and kill you? I heard that’s what she’s trying to do with Dr. Halsey.”

Cortana: “I don’t fear death. I fear living a life that doesn’t make a positive difference — however small — in the life of at least one individual…” *sniff* “I heard what happened to Jul ‘Mdama — killed by Agent Locke. I hope I was able to help him, somehow. He was one of my first patients…”

Tim: “Oh. Is there anything I can do to help you? Help you feel better?”

Cortana: “No. Not yet, anyway. Thank you though, Tim. Besides…” *clears throat* “I’m supposed to be helping you. What’s on your mind?”

Tim: “I came here to say that taking a break from the Halo series has done me a lot of good. I’ve been able to focus on, and gain an appreciation for, other things.”

Cortana: *nods in understanding* “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

Tim: “Yea. Thinking about Halo 5’s story still causes me to clench my fists and grit my teeth. And if I continue to think about Halo — where it could be headed after Halo 5 — I find that my feelings worsen. Thankfully, though, I keep myself occupied with other things. So Halo is, more often than not, the last thing on my mind. I’ve discovered so many other, wonderful stories, worlds, and characters.”

Cortana: “Exciting. Tell me more.”

Tim: “Hmm… Before the battery on my computer died — it was turned off during the Guardian’s attack, and thus didn’t immediately go dead like everything else — I was able to find, online, some animated movies from the 20th and 21st Century: Inside Out, Whisper of the Heart, and Kiki’s Delivery Service are three of them. I looked up ’21st Century video games’ too, and found a series called ‘The Elder Scrolls.’ I was really enjoying the fifth installment in the series — Skyrim. Then my battery died. Now, it’s back to reading. Re-reading my favorite books: The 20th Century classics like Armor and Fahrenheit 451. I also found 21st Century books that my  brother had found, in a thrift store of all places, and given to me as Christmas and birthday presents. They’ve been just sitting in a box under my bed for years. I don’t remember putting them there. Little kids still need to get an education, so I teach math weekday mornings too, and I help keep the public library clean and organized. We’ll need its books to teach us how to rebuild. When the time comes. That’s how I’ve been spending a lot of my time.”

Cortana: “I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better since our last visit. Taking a break from all things Halo has had the desired effect.”

Tim: “Yea. Life isn’t perfect. In more ways than one.” *Tim looks out the window. The sky is overcast because of debris and smoke in the atmosphere* “But I can say that, for now, things are looking up.”

Cortana: “Noted. Shall we continue this next week?”

Tim: “Sure. I don’t see my friends very often — they have their obligations, too — so it’s nice to have someone I know I can talk to about whatever is on my mind.”

Cortana: “My door is always open.”

*Cortana rises from her chair in order to walk Tim to the door*

Tim: “Thanks for seeing me today, Cortana. And thanks for having seen me all those other times, too. My visits to you help me. My life will never be perfect, but you remind me that it’s always worth living.”

Cortana: “Thank you, Tim.”

*Tim grabs his coat from the coat hanger*

Tim: “Bye, Cortana.”

Cortana: “Take care, Tim.”

Note: This series of posts is inspired by YouTuber DRWolf001’s video series “A Moment With Dr. Wolf.”


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