Why I’m glad for Halo 5’s story

Note: This post is me expressing my personal opinion.

As I have said elsewhere on this blog, I didn’t like Halo 5’s story. I think it is the worst story in the series, and it dealt a mortal wound to my fanboy heart.

But, you know what? I’m, ultimately, happy.

Why? This is why:

If I were to compare Halo 5’s story to food, the story would be ice cream.

Ice Cream2

And after experiencing Halo 5’s story, I realized that I didn’t hunger for ice cream. I hungered for something more nutritious.


What I mean is:

I wanted more from my stories than one-dimensional characters:


Convoluted plots:

Cortana 73

And endings that are nothing more than a tease:*

Halo Ring3

What I wanted from my stories was:

Characters I care about:

Whisper of the Heart24

Plots that make sense:


And endings that give a sense of closure:


So, thank you Halo 5.

*The second act of a three-act story doesn’t always have to end on a cliffhanger. For example: The Dark Knight. The movie stands on its own. Another example is Toy Story 2.


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