Lessons 343 can learn from the My Little Pony community

I’m a Halo fan.

I’m a brony, too.

What can 343 Industries, the caretakers of Halo, learn from an animated series about ponies aimed at all ages that just finished its 5th season?

Here’s two things:

  1. Diversify. Tell different kinds of stories in your universe.

2. Encourage fans to have more of a sense of community. Fans of My Little Pony have built quite the community. Let’s see something similar for Halo.

Other things 343 can do to improve the state of the Halo community:

  1. Fix the Master Chief Collection. (From what I’ve heard, it still has issues.)
  2. Give fans a way to talk to and get feedback from 343 employees in real-time. A 343 sub-Reddit, maybe?
  3. Be transparent. For example: Tell us why the story for Halo 5 that was advertised was not the one we ended up getting.

Halo 4 Chief4

I don’t want to see the Halo series run into the ground in order to make a buck.


I want Halo to live on.

Also: An analysis video about fandoms/communities. This video is about the My Little Pony fandom, but lessons can be learned from this video and applied to Halo.

Watch this too and ask yourself “How can I apply what I’ve learned here to the Halo community?”

Finally, just because I can, I’m going to end this post with this:




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