Creating the perfect sci-fi epic: How 343 can make Halo 6 the best Halo yet

Note: This post is me expressing my personal opinion.

Everyone has different tastes.

Every science fiction fan has their own idea of what makes the “perfect sci-fi epic.”

Here, to me, is what the perfect sci-fi epic would have:

The visuals of Interstellar:

The humanity of The Secret World of Arrietty:

The sense of wonder of Whisper of the Heart:

The humility of Godzilla:

And the music of Eureka Seven:

Here’s to hoping that Halo 6 can put its own spin on all of these.

Out of all the Halo games, I’d say that, so far, Halo 4 has come the closest. For these reasons:

Master Chief and Cortana get character development.


Combat Evolved’s sense of wonder is evoked.

The Halo universe becomes a much bigger place.

Halo Requiem

On another note:

Why is this scene so powerful?

It’s not just because of the music, special effects, acting, and the way it’s filmed (all very good). It’s also because Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are characters we’ve grown to love. And Voldemort is a character whose downfall we’ve been rooting for. We care about these characters.

It’s the same here:

Sure, the space battle is cool. But the reason it’s cool is because of the characters taking part in it. We want to be characters like Lando or Wedge, engaging in dogfights with Tie Fighters around Rebel and Imperial ships. We want to see them succeed. Because we care about them.

Does anyone care about Locke, Tanaka, or Vale?

Strong characters is what Halo needs if it’s going to last another 30 years.

In terms of characters, it is my opinion that Halo 5 is a step backward from Halo 4.

This guy explains it better than I could:

I’m glad that Brian Reed has watched this YouTube video.

Lastly, I want to talk to Brian Reed:

Brian Reed,

As you write, may these pieces of music get the idea juices flowing:



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