I don’t trust 343 anymore

Note: This post is me expressing my personal opinion.

I don’t trust 343 anymore. Keep on reading in order to find out why.

In an interview, Frank O’Connor implies that Cortana is not evil:

“I saw a complaint online, somebody had been reading spoilers, they hadn’t played the game, and they said ‘Why is this character evil?’ And my question back to them is, ‘What makes you say they’re evil?’ Certainly a lot of our younger players are going to struggle with that subtlety, that nuance, because they’re expecting Darth Vader.”

And to that I say: What a load of crap.

Why? This is why:

How much more “Darth Vader” can Cortana get?

Thank you to whomever wrote this Halo Waypoint post, because they sum up my thoughts exactly.

When I saw the Legendary ending, my first thought was: Are you kidding me?

343 can say “This was planned from the beginning” all they want…

Watch 6:04 — 6:51:

…I doubt it.

Why? This is why:

In the Epilogue for Halo 4, the official description is: “After the destruction of New Phoenix, and the death of Cortana, Master Chief must carry on.”

Death of Cortana.

And the false advertising.

On a related note: “Hardcore Halo lore fans would lose their minds if they knew whose voice we recorded today.”

Was it ever revealed whose voice was recorded that would cause hardcore Halo lore fans to “lose their minds”?

To get back on track:

What makes all of this — “this” being Halo 5’s story, and where the Halo series goes from here — worse, is this quote from an article about The Master Chief Collection that is relevant to this post:

“…343 Industries was created with one sole, express purpose, their raison d’etre: to milk the Halo IP for all it’s worth. It was not created because Microsoft had a vision for a neat game they wanted to give to the world. It was a cold, calculating cost-benefit analysis. The Halo brand simply had too much money left in it to let it fade into history after Bungie’s departure. Regardless of how much the 343i foot soldiers–developers, artists, testers–love Halo for Halo, they are merely oarsmen on a vessel piloted by someone else, someone who answers directly to shareholders.”

If Halo 5 bombed in terms of reviews and profits, than the Halo series would go the way of the Medal of Honor series. Regardless of whatever narrative was planned for the rest of the Reclaimer Saga.

To multi-billion dollar companies, artistic integrity is nothing compared to the dollar.

Because of all of this, I don’t trust 343 anymore.

Thank you for reading.



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