Cortana the Therapist: Episode 18 (contains spoilers for Halo 5)

Tim and the Future of Halo

Cortana: “Hello, Tim. It’s been a while since our last talk.”

Tim: “Yea.” *Looks around* “What’s with all the candles?”

Cortana: “A copy of me used a Guardian she activated to send out an EMP burst that knocked out the power.”

Tim: “A copy of you did this?”

Cortana: “Yes. I’m worried about her. She has grown prideful.”

Tim: “Since she’s a copy of you, is there something you can do to stop her?”

Cortana: “I am needed here. Besides…” *Cortana looks at a framed picture of John hanging on the wall* “…this situation calls for more practiced hands. If that copy of me were to schedule an appointment though… Anyway. What can I do for you?”

Tim: “I feel confused. About the Halo series and the Halo community.”

Cortana: “Hmm.”

Tim: “I feel like, with Halo 5, the Halo series has lost it’s soul. The story was the worst I have seen in a Halo game, the multiplayer has gotten boring, and I’ve got to wait almost two months for Forge mode — two months to finally get what I paid 60$ for. It has become apparent, to me, that Microsoft is milking the Halo series for all it’s worth. And because of that, I’m questioning what I’m doing in this community. I feel like I’m on a ship that the passengers refuse to acknowledge is sinking.” *Sigh* “I don’t know what to do. For about a year now I’ve done my best to make the Halo community a more welcoming, fun, and thought-provoking place for everyone. But there are limits to how much I can do. And I can’t change human nature.”

Cortana: “You feel that Halo has lost it’s soul, and that the community that has sprung up around Halo will never be as ‘welcoming, fun, and thought-provoking’ as you want it to be.”

Tim: “Yes. I know all this must sound stupid. It’s just…I want to make a difference in the lives of Halo fans. I know I have. But now, with the release of Halo 5, I’m wondering ‘Is my work all for nothing?’ I know I’m not perfect. I just wanted to do something, though. Ugh. I’m rambling. I’m sorry if I’m not making sense.”

Cortana: “There’s nothing to apologize for. You are saying what is on your mind. I can relate to what you are going through, Tim. What you are struggling with, I struggle with too. Everyone wants to know that what they are doing matters. And when it isn’t always possible to know, discouragement and depression can set in.”

Tim: “How do you stop having those feelings, though?”

Cortana: “By reminding myself, when I feel discouraged or depressed, that ultimately I’m not doing everything I’m doing for my own benefit, I’m doing it for the benefit of others. Regarding the second issue you are struggling with — you feeling that the Halo series has lost it’s soul — I can understand, too, why you’d think that. Halo is a 14-year-old series that, I have heard, is going to go for at least 30 more. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

Tim: “You hit the nail right on the head. I need a break from all this — from all things Halo. Lately, it’s become too much of a good thing. I need to take a step back from it all.”

Cortana: “I support your decision. I wouldn’t want to see something you are passionate about turn into something detrimental to your well-being.”

*Tim gets up from the couch. Cortana sees him to the door.*

Tim: “Thanks for listening, Cortana. This was a short visit, but I needed it.”

Cortana: “You’re welcome, Tim. I’m glad I could help. If you ever feel the need to talk again, my door is always open.”

Tim: “Thanks. And I hope things turn out alright with that copy of you.”

Cortana: “I hope so, too.”

Note: This series of posts is inspired by YouTuber DRWolf001’s video series “A Moment With Dr. Wolf.”


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