My thoughts on Halo 5 before it comes out (no spoilers)

Note #1: When it comes to any of my posts, I don’t mind if anyone disagrees with me for any reason. I’m not out to try and change peoples’ minds, or tell them “Your wrong!” because they have a different opinion than me. All of my posts are me just sitting down and writing down what is on my mind. Getting thoughts out of my head, and on to paper. (Or, in this case, on to a computer screen.) In these posts about my thoughts on Halo 5, I hate to come across as a glass-half-empty kind of guy. But, I must be honest with myself. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Note #2: Contains ponies.

Some music to listen to while you read:

Halo 5 will be released in less than a week.

I am excited.

Everything — from the sound of the weapons, to the characters, to the multiplayer features, just to give a few examples — I either like, don’t dislike anymore, or don’t dislike as much as I used to.

Watching Halo 5 multiplayer gameplay, I think to myself “You can do it, Halo 5.”

The lukewarm reception of Halo 4, and the problems that plague the Master Chief Collection to this day, have hit the Halo community hard. Add to that the fact that Halo 5 has got competition — Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and Fallout 4 — and I come to this conclusion: In order for the Halo series to not end up like Medal of Honor, Halo 5 is going to have to be a hit.

I don’t doubt that Halo 5 will be a fun game. What I am worried about is this: Will Halo 5 be a fun game for enough people? (i.e., Will Halo 5 give the Halo series a much-needed shot in the arm?) We’ll just have to wait until October 27th.

On another note:

The more I see of Halo 5’s story, the more I like it.

But, there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to like it.

How do I explain this…


As you get older, what you look for in a story will most likely change.

For me nowadays, when it comes to a story, give me less of this:

And more of this:

Less spectacle. More humanity.

That doesn’t mean I’ve lost my taste for pure, sit-back-and-relax entertainment, though:

And, I have seen a lot to enjoy in Halo 5:


This might be the last Halo game I buy.

This is why:

It all depends on what direction the Halo series goes as a result of Halo 5’s story.

If Halo 5’s story doesn’t impress me, than I think it will be time to throw in the towel as far as buying Halo games is concerned.

No split-screen dealt a mortal wound to Halo 5’s replayability for me. Some of my most cherished memories are playing Halo with family and friends. But now, with Halo 5, such memories are impossible to make.

That leaves the single player. (I’m personally not into the Forge mode.) But if I don’t care about the story being told, than it is hard to play. I start asking myself questions like “Why am I doing this?”


The reason I feel this way is because Halo has been a part of my life for 14 years, and I don’t have the vitality for Halo to be a part of it for 30 more.


Despite all of this, I am an optimist.

I’m going to buy Halo 5 the first chance I get. I’m going to sit down on my coach. I’m going to put the game into my Xbox One. And when I see the main menu, and hear the iconic Halo theme, I’ll have the same reaction as Tiny Tim here: Pure joy.

When I play Halo 5 — when I play the single player and the multiplayer, and experience the story — I know that, no matter what, I won’t have this reaction (0:17 — 0:40):

Even if I eventually end up no longer buying Halo games, I will always be a Halo fan.

To all my fellow Halo fans:

May Halo 5 be the most fun you’ve had with a video game in a long time, if not ever.


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