My Halo 5 Review: Part 1 (no spoilers)

Halo 5 Spartan2

Click Here for Part 2 of my Halo 5 review.

Note #1: Contains ponies.

Note #2: If you haven’t already, I recommend reading My Journey As A Halo Fan. This post is basically a shorter version of that. The reason for this post — Part 1 of my Halo 5 review — is because when I review Halo 5 I want people to understand where I’m coming from: understand why I feel the way I do about the game.

I think enough time has passed since Halo 5 was announced in November and since my last post about the game (which was on September 14th) that I now have more to say. This post is just me expressing my own personal opinion, which could change after the game comes out and I can see it in its entirety and play it for myself. So take this post with a grain of salt. Also: I know that people will disagree with some aspect of this post. I’m fine with that. I’m not out to try and tell anyone what to think. I’m just trying to explain what I, personally, think. Here we go….

In terms of sound, graphics, gameplay, and voice-acting, Halo 5 will be great. I shouldn’t take these aspects of a video game for granted, but the Halo series has, so far, excelled at all of these, and from everything I’ve seen of Halo 5, Halo 5 is no exception. I’m bummed that there is no split-screen, but the only aspect of Halo 5 that I am concerned about is the story.

Halo 5, in terms of its story, will be nothing mind-blowing.

It’ll be fun to see, and fight alongside, Blue Team. It’ll be fun to take control of a new team of Spartans — Fireteam Osiris. It’ll be fun to explore new environments, like the Elite homeworld, Sanghelios. That being said: I doubt that Halo 5 will affect me the way that Halo 4 did. Halo 4 was about Cortana. Cortana is my favorite character in the Halo series for a number of reasons, one of them being that she’s an A.I. and I like A.I. Cortana gave me something that Halo games hadn’t given me in a long time: A reason to care. Put simply: Now that Cortana is dead, I am less emotionally invested in the story.

There are other reasons, besides the fact that Cortana is dead, that my expectations for Halo 5’s story are low. The first reason is because in the past several months I’ve seen a number of stories, from a number of different genres, that have affected me in a number of different ways. My point being: I don’t see how Halo 5’s story can, in the words of Anton Ego, “Surprise me.”

On a related note:

If Halo 5’s story turns out be not only the best in the series, but one of the best stories I’ve seen, period, than I will happily say so.

The second reason why my expectations for Halo 5’s story are low is because I have created something. I’ll explain: In My Thoughts on the Halo Fandom: Part 3 I pointed out that I make YouTube videos. Since I started making YouTube videos, I have discovered the joy of creating. Of making something exist that hadn’t existed before.

(The reason I posted one of my Pony-related videos here is because in the link above are my Halo-related videos: I thought posting my Halo-related videos here would be redundant.)

This blog has also gotten my creative juices flowing. For me, writing is a release: A way to get thoughts out my head that have been bouncing around in it for long time. As a result I feel, for example, less stressed, because I know that I can go to this blog, or elsewhere online, and write down whatever is stressing me out.

My point is: Because I can channel my thoughts and creative energy into things like writing or video-making, I don’t feel the need to entertain myself as much as I use to. If I had to choose between spending a day playing Halo 5, or spending a day writing and video-making, ultimately I would choose writing and video-making.

I don’t want this post to come across as all doom-and-gloom. I get the feeling that that has been the tone of a number of my posts in the past, and I want to say that that is not the tone that I am going for with this post. This post, like all of my posts before it, is me attempting to explain, as best as I can, my thoughts on a Halo-related subject.

Thank you for reading.


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