Looking At Cortana: Part 2

Click Here for Part 1.

You might be thinking “How does Cortana affect me in the real world?” or “What is the purpose of posts that examine parts of Cortana’s body? Or posts that examine how she is portrayed in the games or in fan-art?”

We all have a body. (Technology hasn’t advanced to the point where we can upload our consciousness into a computer.)

As a result, we will all be, at one point, judged or objectified because of our body — because of how we look. We will, consciously or unconsciously, do the same to others, too. And we do the same to ourselves, too. For example: Who hasn’t at one point looked in a mirror and thought “I need to work out.”

When I was in high school, there was a girl who would frequently wear low-cut tank tops. She wore them throughout the school year. I will admit, there was a part of me that looked forward to seeing what she would be wearing to school that day. But there came a point where I thought “You know, I’m tired of gawking at her. I like this girl. And not just because she looks nice. I want to be her friend.” Unfortunately, before I had a chance to put the more gentlemanly me into action, the school year came to a end and I never got the chance to have any kind of relationship with her.

The point of that story, and how it relates to Cortana, is this: That year of high school, I learned that there is more to a girl than her body. Cortana teaches us — you and me — the same lesson. Here’s how:

I know I’ve brought up this piece of art before, but let’s look at it again.

Cortana Art59

Look at Cortana.

Examine the different parts of her body. For example: Her eyes. Her legs. Her breasts.

Note the beauty, the attention to detail in, and the complexity of, each individual part.

How all these parts, together, make Cortana’s body.

And how Cortana’s body, in turn, makes Cortana herself.

Cortana — the character we Halo fans know and love.

It is the same with your own body — no matter what gender you are. What I mean by that statement is this:

Your body isn’t like that loose change you find in your pocket — spent or exchanged at the drop of a hat. Your body — and, by extension, you yourself — is a treasure. You deserve to be treated with dignity.

Cortana isn’t wearing clothes, either. I like to think that this means that a person’s dignity isn’t dependent on what they are, or aren’t, wearing, either.*

By looking at Cortana — by appreciating the beauty of her body — may we come to realize that, like with the Transformers, there is more to Cortana — and to ourselves, and to our fellow human beings — than meets the eye.

Click Here for where this piece of art comes from.

For further reading:

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*To me, though Cortana isn’t human, she is a person in the sense that she is a self-aware being. I also, personally, see Cortana as naked, though I know that there are people who see her as wearing a skin-tight bodysuit.


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