Analyzing Cortana Art: What Is Cortana Saying?

Note: Click Here for the previous, and first, post in the “Analyzing Cortana Art” series.

Let’s look at another piece of Cortana art.*

Cortana Art195

My thoughts on it:

1. Cortana is done in an anime style.

2. If I had to use one word to describe her, it would be “Cool.” She looks laid back.

3. She’s winking at me. And her arms are crossed across her chest. Cortana knows she’s being looked at, and doesn’t care.

4. Her breasts look bigger than they were in Halo 4.

5. I like her color — the different shades of blue.

6. I like the attention to detail. For example: The little lines that run across the dark blue areas of her body.

7. I like her hair. It looks metallic.

8. The very first time I saw this piece of art, I thought the following: This art is saying “The greatest aspect of Cortana is her body.”

9. In this piece of art, Cortana is saying to us, “Look. But don’t touch.” Or, “I’m naked. What of it?” Either way, Cortana isn’t acting like some seductress: Cortana is acknowledging the beauty of her body — hence the laid back attitude, signified by a wink, a deadpan expression, and crossed arms — and asking us, the viewer, “What are you going to do about it?”

10. I don’t mean to come across as preachy here, but: Is this piece of art pornographic? When I first saw it, I thought it was. So I avoided it. But, now I’m not so sure. (See thought #9.) Why I’m not sure is because, when it comes to porn, I believe the following: “You know it when you see it.” And when it comes to this piece  of art, I realize I don’t actually “know it.” I believe there is an innate sense in a person that can, for example, tell the difference between Michaelangelo’s David and those pictures you click out of whenever someone walks by your computer. Why am I talking about porn on a Cortana-related post on a Halo blog? Because porn is a problem: It’s degrading (it reduces people to the pleasure that others can derive from their body parts), destructive (it ruins relationships), and ultimately won’t satisfy you (you’ll always be looking for more). And when it comes to Cortana — a character who looks like a naked woman — it is important to draw a distinction between art that portrays her in a pornographic way, and art that portrays who she is as a character. And this art that I am taking about, for me, is standing right on that line — the line between authentic art and pornography.

11. The reason I say this art is “standing right on that line” between authentic art and pornography is because I can see why someone would say this art is pornographic. What I see as a laid back attitude could be interpreted by someone else as Cortana implicitly saying “Have sex with me.” It doesn’t help that her breasts look unrealistically-sized, which means that our attention could be drawn to one part of Cortana’s body — her breasts — thus making us forget to see the other aspects of her character. But, that is what gives art its power — the fact that it is open to interpretation.

Those are my thoughts on this piece of Cortana art.

What are your thoughts on this piece of art?

For further reading about my thoughts on Cortana, her appearance, and how she is portrayed in art, click Here and Here.

*Click Here for where this art comes from.


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