Believe In Your Future: Part 1

The tagline for Halo Headquarters is “Believe In The Future Of Halo.”

As a Halo fan, it is important that I do that.

Halo 4 Chief2

But, it is more important that I believe in my own future.

Settle in, because I’m going to tell you a story….

After high school, I went to community college for two years and got my Associate in Arts Degree (AA) and then went on to university. The first quarter — fall quarter — went good. The work was hard at times, and at first I was awkward around so many new faces, but looking back on it I have no regrets. The second quarter — winter quarter — was a different story. The work was harder — I had, inadvertently, signed up for two classes that were beyond my skills — for one week I was as sick as I have ever been, and as my grades started to fall I started to wonder “What am I doing here?”

I, for the most part, failed my winter quarter. As a result, I came home. I’ve been home for almost a year and a half now, discerning what my next move should be. There are times where I feel depressed. I see family and friends either just getting started in their careers, or rising through the ranks. I feel like I’m being left behind. There are times where my thoughts go to dark places, but I push those thoughts away.

If you feel depressed because of choices you’ve made in the past, or have anxiety about your future, I recommend doing the following:

1. Start a blog, or keep a journal. Have a place where you can write down your innermost thoughts, no matter what they are. Don’t let thoughts just rattle around in your head: Let them out.

2. Make a list of everything you have to be thankful for, and a list of all of your accomplishments.

3. Take a look at the kind of shows or movies you watch, music you listen to, and games you play, and ask yourself “How does this make me feel?” Before, I had a habit of watching or listening to something just because I found it entertaining, not thinking about the ways in which it might be affecting me.

4. Watch the 1995 anime film Whisper of the Heart. This film has helped me to make more sense of my life. Another film I recommend would be the 2012 anime film The Secret World of Arrietty: That movie never fails to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.

5. Realize that you aren’t struggling alone. There are people who are going through, or who have gone through, what you are.

6. Talk to people you trust about what you are feeling.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don’t want you to go through what I have gone through.

Whisper of the Heart2

Believe in the future of Halo.

And believe in your own future, too.


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3 thoughts on “Believe In Your Future: Part 1

    1. The title of the article is “Why I Am Afraid Halo 5 Will Die.”

      The key word here is “Afraid.” As in, I don’t want Halo 5 to die, but I’m afraid that it will because of choices that 343 has made.

      I believe that Halo will have a future, regardless of how well Halo 5 sells. That being said, if Halo 5 isn’t as popular as 343 want it to be — which I am afraid it won’t be since it’s trying to appeal to so many different kinds of people — the Halo series won’t be as well-off as it otherwise could be.


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