My Thoughts on the Halo Fandom: Part 3

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Note: Contains ponies. And Pokemon.

It’s obvious that Halo 5 plays differently than Halo: CE, with its dashing, mantling, ground-pounding, sliding, thrusting, and sprinting. 343’s two Halo games — 4 and 5 — are an attempt to make Halo more appealing to fans of shooters like Call of Duty. It could be said that Bungie started this trend of wanting to appeal to Call of Duty fans with Halo: Reach, with its loadouts and Armor Abilities, though it is possible that Reach was a, for lack of a better term, testing ground for their next game, Destiny: Testing out gameplay mechanics that (might) eventually find themselves in Destiny.

My point is this: In my opinion, Halo, in terms of gameplay, has changed more in the last five years (2010 — 2015) than it had in the last nine (2001 — 2010).

As a result of change, Halo fans are divided. This division creates toxicity. And it is this toxicity that, like acid, will eat away at the Halo fandom. Who wants to be a part of a group where they feel like their voice doesn’t matter — that nobody cares what they have to say?

I think the reason people are ultimately upset about Halo changing is that, to them, it is obvious why changes are happening: $$$. Ever since Halo 4, I imagine these people have been thinking something like this: 343 doesn’t think Halo is good enough as it is. So they’ve got to turn it into a Call of Duty clone in order to get people to buy it.

Compare Halo to a series like Pokemon.*

Having perused the Pokemon fandom, I get the sense that Pokemon fans aren’t angry about changes their series goes through generation after generation because they understand that such changes aren’t motivated by a desire to make more money.

Now, on another note:

Look at this picture:

My Little Pony

Then, listen to this:

My point with that Pony-related content is this: Variety. My Little Pony has variety. That’s one of the reasons the show is as popular as it is: because an episode can start out so sugary sweet and hyperactive that I feel myself getting cavities and a headache, only for the episode to end on a subdued note.

Halo needs variety in the stories it tells if the series is going to last 30 more years.** You can only blow up an alien super-weapon so many times….

Now, on another note:

If you have an idea for something Halo-related, no matter what it is, make it a reality.

Look at these slideshows I made:

Each of these took me less than an hour. I think they’re pretty good — they are some of the first pieces of Halo content I made — but they’re nowhere near what I want to make someday.

My point is this: If I can make these slideshows, with the bare minimum of resources, just think of what you can make if you have the desire and the means to make it. You can make content that would blow my puny little slideshows out of the water.

To summarize this post:

  1. The Halo fandom is divided because of changes made to the series, first by Bungie and then by 343.
  2. These changes, I think, are motivated by a desire to make more money. A desire that wasn’t obvious — to me — with Halo: CE, 2, and 3.
  3. When it comes to a video game series like Pokemon, fans aren’t upset that changes are made to each generation because, I think, they understand that such changes aren’t motivated by a desire to make more money.
  4. Stories in the Halo universe need more variety if the series is going to last another 30 years. Variety is something My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has in spades. I think that’s one reason why it’s so popular. Unlike Halo — if it keeps on telling the “Stop the villain, blow up the thing” kind of story — I can see My Little Pony lasting another 30 years.
  5. Fans: If you have a desire to create, than create. If the Halo fandom is a person, than creativity is the blood that flows through its veins.

*I got started on Pokemon with Yellow Version. I still play the games. I don’t have Black 2 or White 2, or a 3DS, so I’ve missed out on the latest ones.



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