My Thoughts on REQ Packs

So the REQ system has had some light shed on it:

Here are my thoughts on REQ Packs:

My fear, when it comes to REQ Packs, is that people will bleed themselves dry spending money on them, and that REQ Packs will become addictive: Trying to find a Legendary item in a REQ Pack will be like trying to win at a slot machine.

At worst REQ Packs will get people addicted, and eat away their money.

At best REQ Packs will give people a reason to keep playing: give people a goal to strive towards.

On the other hand, REQ Packs are pretty much exclusive to Warzone — one mode of the multiplayer. So I’d say there is less of a danger of getting addicted to them than, say, getting addicted to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supply Drops.

Still, my fear that people will get addicted to REQ Packs stands.

On a related note: What is the appeal of REQ Pack/Advanced Supply Drop opening videos? (I’ve heard that at least one prominent Halo YouTuber will start doing REQ Pack opening videos, and I know that Supply Drop opening videos are popular in the Call of Duty fandom.) I mean, you’re watching a person open a virtual box, containing virtual items, that will more often than not not effect gameplay in a significant way, on a game that will, once Halo 6 comes out three years from now, be irrelevant. (Thank you to YouTuber BDobbinsFTW for pointing this out. Though, he was talking about Advanced Warfare Supply Drops — at the time, REQ Packs were shrouded in mystery.)


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