How I feel about the Red vs. Blue character Carolina

Note: I usually don’t write opinion pieces, but I’m writing this now because I feel the need to air out my feelings about this particular character. I now feel a relation to her as I do with other fictional characters such as John-117 and Cortana from the Halo series.

Note 2: This may sound a bit weird but you know how fans are.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Carolina. I never really cared for her at first because she thinks that she is better than everyone else. But the more I look into her backstory, I see the reasons why she is this way. When you see everything she’s been through and put yourself in her perspective, you’d see and know exactly why Carolina has the personality she does today.

Now I suppose you may be disagreeing with me on this. Why not let go of the past, right? Move on? Well I’ll tell you why she can’t move on in one sentence:

“How can you move on from the past when it means so much to you?”

In other words, how can you move on when it has molded you into the individual you are today?

The reason why I see it this way is by comparing her experiences to my own life.

For example, the beloved actor Robin Williams who died last year is still remembered today. You know why? Because we cannot let go so easily. It means too much to us….to me.

I decided to change my mind about this topic, after so long, because I’ve recently been watching a few of Robin Williams’ movies. And its quite saddening to see his films after his death.

This is due to the fact that I simply cannot let go…

Thanks for reading. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. After reading this has your opinion changed about Carolina? And would you prefer to see more opinion pieces like this one?


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