My Thoughts on the Halo Fandom: Part 1

Note #1: This post is me laying into the toxicity I see on the Halo fan hub Waypoint, and on the Halo sub-Reddit. I hope that at the end of it you will have an understanding of why I said everything I said. And, while reading, keep this in mind, please: I am a Halo fan, like you. I want the Halo series to continue for as long as humanly possible. But this won’t happen, I think, if the Halo fandom remains as toxic as it is. (Warning: Contains ponies.)

Note #2: Questions to think about: Do you think the Halo fandom is a fandom that encourages creativity? Do you feel, when you’re among Halo fans, that your voice matters? What positive affect(s) has the Halo fandom had on you?


My thoughts on the Halo fandom:

There’s two things, I think, that the Halo fandom needs more of:

Maturity and creativity.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. If there are four hubs for Halo fans — Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Waypoint — and two of them — Reddit and Waypoint — have a reputation for being toxic, something is wrong.*
  2. Other than Red vs. Blue — a machinima series created more than ten years ago — what can Halo fans hold up as an example of what the Halo fandom is capable of?

To me, fans of an animated TV series about ponies have shown themselves to be more mature and creative than fans of a video game about soldiers fighting to save the human race.**

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Watch this. What, in the Halo fandom, compares to it?

I know that the Halo fandom is capable of being more than it currently is. The Halo series is groundbreaking. And yet I feel like with all the controversies — 343 taking over the series from Bungie, Halo 4’s Call of Duty-esque gameplay mechanics, the MCC debacle, and the changes made to gameplay in Halo 5 — that the Halo fandom has lost its spark.

*I am not the only Halo fan who has decided to stay away from the sub-Reddit and Waypoint.

**Of course, this is just my opinion. (The name of the post is “My Thoughts on the Halo Fandom,” after all.) What do I mean when I say that I think the My Little Pony fandom is more mature and creative than the Halo fandom? I mean this: In my experience, I have seen bronies be willing to tackle complex subjects — like depression, or discerning your purpose in life — and they tackle such subjects in a variety of ways: Fanfiction, art, and YouTube videos, being a few of the ways. In contrast, I avoid the Halo fan hubs Waypoint and Reddit like the plague: It boggles my mind how fans of a Mature-rated game can be so immature. (I know not every game in the Halo series is rated M, including the upcoming one, but the first one was. Hence why I call Halo a “Mature-rated game.”) What do I mean by “immature”? I mean this: Unwilling to listen to opposing points of view, and stooping to personal attacks. Of course, bronies have done this, too — no one is perfect — but I have not seen it to the extent that I have seen it in the Halo fandom.


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