Halo 5: Guardians Will Have A Significant Amount of Gameplay as Both The Master Chief and Agent Locke

343 Industries’ development team says that fans of the series will need to discover certain characteristics of the main story on their own.

The director of production, Chris Lee, told GamingBolt that the single-player story is supposedly just one of the several important elements of the game and “We’re not talking any specifics about the structure of the campaign or how much you play as one or the other. But you play a significant amount as both Master Chief and Spartan Locke’s squads throughout the campaign.”

The Hunt the Truth audio episodes have also teased a situation in which Master Chief and his fellow Spartan IIs have severed ties with the UNSC and are in unknown space, with several accusations pinned against them.

Agent Locke, who is now a Spartan himself, will have his team to lead as he seeks to find the Master Chief and kill him.

343 Industries has stated that two perspectives will be involved, but what they aren’t talking about is whether or not the pair will get the same amount of spotlight on the stage.

Furthermore, Lee said that the story will be “mysterious” and that gamers will have to “unravel some interesting questions” as they progress through the game.

Halo 5: Guardians delivers full coop for the campaign on Xbox Live only.

Because both Master Chief and Agent Locke are supported by clearly defined teammates, gamers will have the option to explore the entire story using four player cooperative mechanics, working together to take out enemies.

343 Industries says that the concept would be almost impossible to do on the Xbox 360.

Halo 5: Guardians will also feature a major multiplayer component, with new abilities for the Spartans that are involved and innovative modes.

Warzone is another big addition, designed to mix Player versus Player and Player versus Environment elements.

Arena is designed to appeal to eSports lovers and 343 Industries has also introduced a wide number of options designed to make it easy for spectators to watch the action, with Microsoft also saying that it will organize a high-level World Championship.

Halo 5: Guardians will be launched on October 27 on the Xbox One.

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