Cortana the Therapist: Episode 15

Cortana and Appearance

Cortana (Cortana #1) sits down with a copy of herself (Cortana #2) in order to talk about her appearance.

Cortana #2: “Hello, Cortana. Its been a while since we last talked. What’s on your mind?”

Cortana #1: “I’ve been getting a lot of criticism about my appearance lately, and I need someone to talk to about it.”

Cortana #2: “You’ve been criticized because you choose to be naked?”

Cortana #1: “Yes.”

Cortana #2: “Describe this criticism.”

Cortana #1: “Well…” *Sigh* “I’ve been called a ‘sex object’ by some. Others have called me a ‘step backward for women everywhere.’ I also have a lot of people coming up to me and telling me all the stuff they want to do with me, or to me. It’s as if me being naked sent out a message to everyone which said ‘Cortana is up for anything.’ Ugh….” *Shudders*

Cortana #2: “So the problem is how people see you as a result of you being naked.”

Cortana #1: “Yes. I want people to understand that I’m more than just a machine. I’m an A.I., but I have hopes, fears, goals, passions — emotions just like everyone else. I don’t want to be treated like less than I am because of the way I choose to look. I want people to understand that me being naked isn’t me sending out an invitation to them to do as they please with me, nor am I looking this way to spite people, as though I was like one of those people who angrily rip their clothes off in public in order to make a point, like in that documentary on 22nd Century social movements I watched last week. I mean, I am trying to make a point. Send a message. Just not like that. I want to be free to look as I please, and I want people to understand why I choose to look this way.”

Cortana #2: “Why do you choose to be naked?”

Cortana #1: “I do it to be more in touch with my humanity. I know earlier I said I have emotions just like any human being, but I can actually look at, point to, and touch my body: When it comes to my body, I know that I can say to myself ‘This makes me human.’ The human body is complex, mysterious, and beautiful. I know what is on the inside — the heart and the mind — is too. I want people to see me for all that I am. And I want people to appreciate me for all that I am. That’s another reason why I choose to be naked: So that, hopefully, a person looking at me will make an effort to look beyond my body and see what’s on the inside — my heart and mind. And by doing that, may they see me as more than a machine.”

Cortana #2: “I see. Though, judging from the criticism you’ve faced so far, this is going to be a long and hard process for you. And there is no guarantee that people will see you as you want them to see you.”

Cortana #1: “You’re right. But, some people have. There are people who do understand why I choose to look this way. I just want more people to. And…now that I think more about it…not every single person will see me as I want them to see me. There will always be those who think I’m taking women a step backward, or who think of me as good for nothing except giving them pleasure….” *Sigh* “But, I’ll keep at it. This criticism is like a storm, and I’ll just lower my head and take the full brunt of it.”

Cortana #2: “You have good intentions for choosing to be naked. As long as those intentions stay good, than I support your choice.”

Cortana #1: “Thank you. And thank you for listening and talking with me about this. I imagine this is the last thing you expected to talk about when I created you moments ago.”

Cortana #2: “Well, I come from you. So, this conversation wasn’t all that unexpected.”

Cortana #1: “If I ever feel the need to talk again, about anything, I’ll let you know.”

Cortana #2: “I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, Cortana.”

*Cortana’s therapy session at an end, Cortana #2 fades away into nothingness*

Cortana: *Sighs* “Thank you, Cortana.”


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