Analyzing Cortana: What Does It Mean To Be Naked? Part 2

I have talked about why I think Cortana is naked, and why the developer’s chose to make her look that way.

Here are my two posts on the subject:

My Thoughts On Cortana’s Appearance In Halo 4

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But now I want to look at the subject of Cortana’s appearance from another perspective: Cortana herself. What I mean is, I want to analyze Cortana and find why she herself chooses to be naked. To do this, I will again be talking about Mystique. (This is the kind of subject that has no definitive answer, so all I can do is share what I myself think.)

Cortana and Mystique aren’t human. One is an A.I., the other is a mutant.

Cortana and Mystique are women. They have a feminine temperament, and a feminine body.

I think Cortana and Mystique are, for lack of a better word, separated from humanity. They look human, they act human, but they can never be human.

I think that the reason Cortana and Mystique ultimately choose to be naked is because their body is the obvious human aspect of their being.* I said earlier that Cortana and Mystique are “separated” from humanity. But I think it is their body that “connects” them to humanity. If Cortana and Mystique — an A.I. and a mutant — are lost (if they are looking for the humanity that they lack) their body serves as a compass (as a way to identify with humans).

On another note: As my friend pointed out in Part 1, to Cortana and Mystique clothes are unnecessary and a burden — a limit to freedom. Looking at the naked body of a member of the opposite sex will cause us to feel aroused. That’s just the way we’re wired.** But, as far as I know, this is not true in Cortana’s and Mystique’s case. They never give any indication that they have sexual desires. And I don’t think that the purpose of Cortana and Mystique being naked is to arouse us. What is my point with all this? This: That Cortana and Mystique can walk around in public naked, without a care in the world, is foreign to us: It is suspicion of others which holds us back from doing the same thing.*** Cortana’s and Mystique’s shamelessness shows how different they are from us.

But just because Cortana and Mystique are different from us doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from them: Learn how to treat men and women, no matter what they are or aren’t wearing, with respect, empathy, and love. Learn to see that there is more to a person than their body. Learn to value our bodies, and not treat them as disposable or a means to an end.

*One is an A.I. The other is a mutant. They have blue-colored skin. They don’t have a butt, nipples, or vagina. But, other than that, Cortana and Mystique look like a woman naturally would.

**I know that there are people who are, for example, homosexual or asexual (not attracted to any sex), and thus wouldn’t find a person of the opposite sex arousing, but for the purpose of this post I’m just focusing on heterosexuality. It is not my intent to offend anyone.

***There are people who have no problem being naked around others. But not everyone is like that.


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