Cortana and Sexism

Let’s talk about sexism.

Cortana Poster3

One of the things that annoys me is when someone calls Cortana “sexist.” The reasons they’ll bring up will be reasons like 1) She’s naked 2) She cries/is emotional 3) She is dependent on others (specifically, men).

I will address these criticisms against Cortana.

1) “She’s naked.” Cortana’s body is idealized, not sexualized. The reason I think Cortana is naked is to look human, and to encourage us, the player, to look beyond everything that could make us objectify her — her naked body, the fact that she’s an A.I. and not an actual human being — and see her as a person, not a machine. What Cortana being naked comes down to is intent: Why is Cortana naked? How does Cortana want us to treat her as a result of her being naked?

2) “She cries/is emotional.” Human beings have emotions. I’d rather have a person cry and say to me “I have no idea what to do!” then for them to bury their feelings deep down in order to keep their pride intact.

3) “She is dependent on others (specifically, men).” Cortana is an A.I. She doesn’t have a physical body. She’s going to need some help getting around and doing her job. Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. I was laid up in bed one summer with casts on my legs and couldn’t move without others’ help.* Yet I never felt like less of a man because of it.

*I had surgery on my legs.


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