Cortana the Therapist: Episode 14

Promethean Knight and Living for Others

Cortana: “So, Promethean, what’s on your mind?”

Promethean: “I feel so angry at myself. At the kind of person I’ve allowed myself to become. I was human. I allowed myself to be Composed. And now…I feel like a freak. I had my life all planned out, too. Nothing was going to stop me. Then…this happened. *The Promethean gestures to himself* It…the beam…came out of nowhere…. Thinking back on the event, I know I could have done something. I can’t believe I was so unprepared. Now, my life as I know it is over and I don’t know what to do.”

Cortana: “Hmm. You are angry at a past mistake – your inability to keep yourself from being Composed – and as a result you don’t see any way out.”

Promethean: “Yes. Since becoming a Promethean, there’s one thing I’ve learned: Life is hard. I know that sounds vague and like a ‘No duh!’ kind of statement, but it was a revelation to me. Everyone I knew as a human is dead or Composed, and with the Didact dead I am a servant without a master. What I need is a reason to continue living.”

Cortana: “If we live a life of pleasure – a life devoted to fulfilling only our own base desires – we will eventually find that such a life isn’t satisfying. It is serving others, building relationships with others, going outside of our comfort zone, being willing to look at ourselves and the world around us from a new perspective, and living by a firm moral code, that is ultimately satisfying.”

Promethean: “So, you’re saying I should live for others, not just for myself?”

Cortana: “Yes. Human beings are not meant to just sit still, alone, partaking in whatever else gives them pleasure.”

Promethan: “I didn’t do that as a human, and I haven’t attempted such a thing as a Promethean. But, I see where you’re coming from: I have to not be so focused on fulfilling my own base desires, because that ultimately won’t make me happy. And, I can see how I would do that if I were left to my own devices, and with no one to serve. *Sigh* This is all going to take longer than I thought. Can I come in again next week? I need some time to think about all this before we continue.”

Cortana: “Of course. I’ll pencil you in for next week. And if you ever feel the need to come in before then, or after, for any reason, my door is always open.”

*The Promethean gets up from the couch*

Promethean: “Thank you, Cortana. What you said resonated with me. I’ll work on helping others.”

Cortana: “I’m glad to hear it. A life lived for others is a life well-lived.”

Promethean: “See you next week, Cortana.”

Cortana: “Take care, Promethean.”

Note: This series was inspired by YouTuber DRWolf001’s video series, “A Moment With Wolf.”


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