Halo Wars Sequal Announced! Halo Wars 2 Set To Release In Fall 2016

During Microsoft’s 2015 Gamescon event, the company surprised Halo fans by confirming a sequel to the RTS {Real-Time Strategy} game Halo Wars.

The original Halo Wars game proposed to achieve the task of translating the RTS genre, that’s been exclusive to the PC for quite a long time, onto consoles, such as the Xbox 360. But unfortunately, for fans of the genre and of the actual series, the title didn’t live up to its expectations.

Nevertheless, Microsoft and 343 Industries have confirmed this week that they have partnered up with Total War franchise creator Creative Assembly to work on Halo Wars 2.

On a post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft confirms a couple more details about Halo Wars 2 and how it will astonish fans of the RTS genre, both those who have played the original Halo Wars and those who are focused only on the shooter titles.

Specifically, the strategy title proposes to combine fast-paced action with immense battles to bring the player into the action all the while keeping the same mechanics as a regular RTS. The story, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed but it said to be a “robust, story-driven campaign.”

Halo Wars 2 also promises multiplayer action that expands around the Halo universe. As of now, its still unknown what type of modes, other than the standard Skirmish gametype, are included, or whether PC and Xbox One users will be able to interact with each other via cross-platform play.

Halo Wars is set to release on the Xbox One as well as on Windows 10 PC in Fall 2016.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section. What do you think the sequel will have in store?


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