Cortana the Therapist: Episode 13

Cortana (Cortana #1) once again sits down with a copy of herself (Cortana #2) in order to talk about her feelings.

Cortana #2: “Hello, Cortana. How have you been feeling?”

Cortana #1: “I’ve been feeling better. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or prideful, but I realized something: I have been given so much. I’m the only A.I. created from living tissue, I was the assistant to the one of the greatest scientific minds of the 26th century, and I was the partner of the man who saved the galaxy from the Covenant and the Flood: In addition, I can access and process information in a fraction of a second. I have been given so much, and I want to give back.”

Cortana #2: “That’s good. How did you realize this?”

Cortana #1: “I’m still trying to figure that out. It just hit me. A sudden moment of clarity – like a window was opened and sunlight came in. Here’s what I know, though: After feeling depressed for a long time – because of my rampancy, and the fact that I’ll never be human – I realized that I didn’t want to feel like that anymore: That feeling that way was a drain on me, and on people in my life. I didn’t want to suffer anymore. And I didn’t want anyone to suffer because of me. I know depression isn’t something that I can just switch off like a light, but that’s what it feels like happened. I saw people going through what I was going through, too. Granted, it wasn’t exactly the same – they’re human, I’m an A.I. – but it was close enough that I felt like ‘Yeah, I know where you’re coming from.’ Seeing those people overcome their struggles inspired me. I thought ‘I want to be like you.’”

Cortana #2: “I’m glad that others have inspired you. No matter who we are or where we come from, we can always learn from others.”

Cortana #1: “Yeah. That was news to me, though. And I’m a therapist. I still have so much to learn….”

Cortana #2: “As long as you are humble I don’t doubt that you will continue to help others, and find the peace you are looking for.”

Cortana #1: “I’m doing my best. I hope that is enough. Thank you for listening, and talking with me about all this.”

Cortana #2: “You’re welcome. If you ever feel the need to talk again, don’t hesitate to.”

Cortana #1: “I won’t.”

Note: This series of posts was inspired by YouTuber DRWolf001’s series, “A Moment With Dr. Wolf.”


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