Halo 5: Guardians Will Not Support LAN Play.

343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes was quite vague in answering twitter user Ben Van Riper’s question as to whether or not Halo 5 will support split-screen like the previous Halo installments.


Holmes replied by saying,”All multiplayer modes use full screen on dedicated servers, including Co-op Campaign, Arena, and Warzone” (abbreviations spelled out).
And now in a recent statement by a Microsoft spokesperson, confirmed to a site called Ars Technica, Halo 5: Guardians will reportedly not support, on quote, “any form of split-screen multiplayer, nor will the game natively support LAN {Local Area Network} play.”
“The decision [to remove all split-screen modes] was an extremely difficult one for the team, but one that was necessary to deliver the biggest Halo game to date,” the representative wrote in a statement. “343’s focus is to ensure that fans get the best Halo experience yet, and the team felt a split-screen experience would compromise the gameplay design and the visual bar they’ve set.”

The Microsoft representative then went on to point out that Halo: MCC was also not built with LAN support. But fans have found that LAN connectivity can be used in the game so long as all connected Xbox One consoles are also connected to Xbox Live via Wi-Fi.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Was 343 Industries decision to take away split-screen from the latest installment in the Halo franchise right?

Original Source: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/06/halo-5-listing-dev-statement-point-to-end-of-series-local-multiplayer/


3 thoughts on “Halo 5: Guardians Will Not Support LAN Play.

  1. Not allowing Split-Screen multiplayer is a terrible idea. Halo is my and my mates favourite game franchise. You should allow Halo 5: Guardians LAN play, we would really appreciate it. Cheers for reading. Christian.


  2. I’ve been playing Halo for years, and this is just Bull, 343i is gonna loose a lot of loyal fans if they cut the split screen and LAN play , I play LAN with my siblings and friends when we are in the one house and I play split screen co-op with one of my friends all the time and we enjoy it, I think 343 needs some pointers from bungie and other game company’s that incorporate split screen and LAN


  3. well this interesting, if I had no Internet and I had friends with no internet connection and we gathered to play Halo 5 together through System link, now seems highly impossible and pointless why take away something that can benefit groups of friends who don’t got XBL Gold or Internet. And split screen? Taking that away makes the game also pointless, taking away features that you think is right to making a game better is not making it better for the Long time Fans! Why does it need to all be online co-op? me and my brother always game in split screen and always have in Halo it’s what made it fun when there was no internet. Now your saying that I need to buy a second XBONE and Gold, a copy of Halo 5, a second TV, and everything must be connected through a router to the Internet. That’s a lot of money to spend and makes getting Halo 5 very pointless. You 343 have officially lost a customer and thanks for taking those features away! You guys Did the “right thing”


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