Cortana the Therapist: Episode 9

Halo Fan and Burnout

Cortana: “Hello, Halo fan. What’s on your mind?”

Halo Fan: “I was wondering if I could share some thoughts I’ve been having lately. It’s just…I need to get this off my chest, and I figured this would be a good place to do it.”

Cortana: “Okay. Begin whenever you’d like.”

Halo Fan: “No matter how many inspiring stories I hear about how Halo changed peoples’ lives for the better, I still have this feeling that the Halo universe is, for lack of a better word, shallow. I know that Halo is capable of greatness. And I hope that Halo becomes greater than it already is. But because of three reasons – the, at times, hostile nature of the Halo fandom, the fact that my tastes are changing, and the fact that I’ve found so many different kinds of worlds in science fiction and fantasy, in TV series, movies, books, and YouTube videos that make the Halo universe seem shallow by comparison – I just don’t feel the passion that 343 wants me to feel for the Halo series.”

Cortana: “I see. What you saw as amazing years ago is not so amazing now. Such a realization is perfectly natural. It’s part of getting older.”

Halo Fan: “I can understand that. I remember I was really into Super Mario 64 back in the day. I wanted to grow up to make Super Mario games. But what should I do, though? I feel like I would be betraying the people I’ve met in the Halo fandom if I told them I wanted to leave it.”

Cortana: “You should make the choice that you feel is best for you. If the people you’ve met in the Halo fandom are really your friends, than if you take them aside and explain your reasons why you no longer want to have anything to do with Halo, they’ll understand. If they don’t understand – if they call you a hater, a troll, threaten to hurt you – they were never really your friends in the first place, and you are better off without them. And, you can always bond with Halo fans over things that aren’t Halo-related. Don’t let this fandom, or any fandom, make you feel trapped.”

Halo Fan: “So, just take aside the people I’ve met because of Halo and explain to them how I feel about the Halo and why I feel that way, just like I did with you today?”

Cortana: “Yep.”

Halo Fan: “I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Cortana.”

Cortana: “You’re welcome, Halo Fan. I hope it goes well.”

*Halo Fan gets up from the couch*

Halo Fan: “See you later, Cortana.”

Cortana: “Take care, Halo Fan.”

Note: This series is inspired by YouTuber DRWolf001’s video series, “A Moment With Dr. Wolf.”


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