Cortana the Therapist: Episode 7

Infection Form and Putting Others First

Cortana: “So, Infection Form, tell me what’s on your mind.”

Infection Form: “Ever since I was formed, I’ve had this hunger. I invade the bodies of others, controlling them like a puppet. But, in the end, I’m never satisfied. When the body I am controlling is rendered useless by, say, gunfire, or I get bored and detach myself, killing the host, my hunger returns. I don’t want to keep using others, but I can’t stop myself: My hunger always comes back.”

Cortana: “Hmm. Your hunger sounds like my rampancy. I was in danger of thinking myself to death – of being destroyed by this hunger to take in new information. How I am able to live with rampancy is by reminding myself that there is more to me than my hunger. I keep myself from thinking about rampancy by keeping myself busy. That is one of the reasons why I became a therapist – so that I could focus on helping others, and not worry about myself as much.”

Infection Form: “So, you’re saying I have to replace my hunger?”

Cortana: “Yes. Shift your perspective from you to someone else – the hosts whom you would otherwise control. Think about life from their perspective – what their goals, hopes fears, dreams, are. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. When you feel hungry, your body is telling you ‘You need food.’ Your body is, essentially, saying, ‘Your needs must be met.’ But, when you empathize with others, when you see the world from another’s perspective, you are implicitly saying to that person, ‘Your needs must be met.’”

Infection Form: “I’ve never done anything like that. But, I can give it a shot. It sounds better than feeling like I’m being led around on a chain by my hunger.”

Cortana: “Glad to hear it. Shall we continue this next week?”

Infection Form: “Yes. I think that would be good. Thank you, Cortana.”

Cortana: “You’re welcome. Take care, Infection Form.”

Note: YouTuber DRWolf001’s video series, “A Moment With Dr. Wolf”, was the inspiration for this series, “Cortana the Therapist.”


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