New Halo 5: Guardians Gameplay At E3 2015

This week at E3, Microsoft gave Halo fans a closer look at Halo 5’s gameplay. During the Xbox presentation, Halo 5 was as expected to be the “main event”. The impending game is said to be the biggest hit of the holiday season; even without the support of local split-screen co-op, which has been in all the previous Halo games until now.

The reveal started out with a cinematic look at the game, but then quickly moved to our first real look at gameplay footage. You can view the gameplay footage below.

As you can see from the trailer, four players took the stage and teamed up to play as the crew hunting down the Chief. Unlike some of the previous Halo games, the co-op mode seems to put players in control of unique characters on the squad (rather than a bunch of Chief clones). In the campaign, players jump between two unique squads with one being lead by Spartan Locke and the other by Master Chief. The co-op gameplay is seamless and there are also new Promethean enemies as well as new Covenant weaponry.


In addition to the typical weaponry, there are some unique power ups. One in particular had quite the moment. The player seemed to rocket down from a jump and squash the enemy. The trailer wraps up with a montage of moments that highlights both the cinematic moments and the brand new gameplay.

What do you think of the new gameplay? Let us know in the comment section below.

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