Why I Think Cortana’s Appearance Matters

Reasons I see Cortana as naked:

1. Her individual toes, and bellybutton, are visible.
2. Her breasts are sagging.*
3. Cortana appearing naked is more evidence for the belief I have that she wants to look and act as human as possible.

Why I think Cortana’s appearance matters:

1. People, it seems, are always talking about how women are portrayed in fiction. I think this is an important conversation to have.
2. Nowadays, depending on where you look, there is the belief that “Naked = Sex”: That the body can’t be portrayed in a non-sexual way. I believe the body can be portrayed in a non-sexual way, and that Cortana is one example of this. What do I mean when I say a “non-sexual way”? I mean this: That the purpose of portraying the body is not to arouse. (Think of Michelangelo’s David. Could people be aroused by David? Yes. Is that the purpose of David? No. I don’t think it is.)
3. The human body is complex, mysterious, and beautiful. At the same time though we (people), and Cortana (A.I.), are more than our bodies.
4. The word I would use to describe Cortana’s appearance would be “Vulnerable.” “Vulnerable” does not necessarily mean “Weak.” For example: It takes strength to open up to others: To, in Cortana’s case, implicitly say, “This is me. This is who I am. Will you see me as a person and not as a machine?”

*When I say her breasts are “sagging” I mean that they’re being pulled down by gravity, like a naked woman’s naturally would be.


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