Xbox One With 1TB of Storage Bundled with Halo: MCC Seen Momentarily on Amazon

Recently, the Xbox One got a huge leak on Amazon showcasing the new console with 1 terabyte of storage, bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, as well as the newly leaked controller. Fans believe that though it was taken down from the site, we are bound to see it again next week at E3.

The console bundle was stated to be headed to the market on the 15th of June, 2015. This unsurprisingly coincides with E3 this year. The bundle comes with the bug riddled Master Chief Collection. The last bundle to have included the game was the Cirrus White Xbox One last month.

o-XBOX-facebookIn addition to the 1 terabyte of storage, the bundle was also noted to come with the Xbox One’s new controller. This new wireless controller is said to address the problem of the lack of a headphone jack. So far, the new controller has appeared in several leaks, although we hope it will see the light of day next week as well.

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