343 Talks Halo 5: Guardians: Weapon Tuning and Spartan Abilities

In this weeks news article about Halo 5, we will be discussing the armor abilities or Spartan abilities that were in the Halo 5 multiplayer beta as well as the weapons.

The Spartan abilities and weapons have been tweaked since the beta and 343 is said to be improving the many features in Halo 5. This also includes changes to the bullet magnetism on individual players. The studio head of 343 Industries has stated “This has been improved since beta. All weapons have gone through substantial tuning as a result of feedback and data.”


Holmes then goes on to talk about the smart-scope ability, stating, “Smart-Link transitions (in/out of zoom) have been sped up substantially since beta. Sniper Rifle was a big offender in beta and has had perhaps the most change, but all weapons are much faster to zoom in and out and it makes a big difference in the flow of combat”

Afterwards, Holmes then explains that the charge ability is in third person when it is being used because it, “gives players an opportunity to see their Spartan perform the move”, but more importantly because they had previously tried first person and it didn’t work. Speaking about this, he said, “We’ve experimented with first person charge, but it’s impossible to get it to read clearly without extending the range beyond what makes sense for balance.”

And last but not least, the ground-pound ability is said to have been moved to a different button but we do not know which. Holmes has stated, “This will still be a risky move that should be used situationally, but executing the move feels much more fluid and intuitive.”

That’s it for this article. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Check our site daily for the latest gaming news and more!


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